Saturday, October 1, 2016

the hippiest town in england

For our last few days in England, we headed to the beach town of Brighton to stay in Maggie’s uncle's flat there. The flat is right in the center of Brighton, just a few blocks from the beach, with excellent people watching out the front windows. Maggie’s uncle’s time there overlapped with ours for only two days, so he showed us around Brighton.

Brighton, it turned out, was a cool little town that felt a lot like the San Francisco of England. We went to many pubs, but also a drag show, which he told us was an English tradition. We really liked Brighton and planned on coming back to its small streets and cute (hippie) stores.

Andrew and Maggie's uncle enjoying a drink in his living room.

An English tradition: a drag show.

A common theme: headed to the pub.

England has the most classic pubs.


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