Thursday, September 12, 2013

ao nang monkey trail

Apparently we couldn't stay away from the beach for long, because from Krabi, we've moved to a beach town about twenty minutes away called Ao Nang. Besides finally learning what the rainy season in Thailand is like (yesterday we hardly left our hotel room it was pouring so hard and so constantly! Luckily, we have a lot of work to do right now...) we discovered that there's a trail connecting Ao Nang to a resort in Pai Plong Bay that's supposedly full of monkeys (hence the name). 

So in the evening between rain storms, we headed to the far South West corner of Ao Nang beach where the trail started. We walked most of the trail and thought we might not see any monkeys after all. We were wrong. We were just there at the wrong time. The monkeys seem to follow the Thai who work in Pai Plong Bay, who feed them every day as they go and come from work. So as we were seeing our first monkey, the workers were walking back to Ao Nang and along with them came a whole troupe of monkeys. If we had waited at Ao Nang beach until around quitting time (if you to, it was about 5:15pm), we wouldn't have had to walk the trail at all. Around that time all the monkeys were on Ao Nang beach as they followed the workers home, and stayed to ham it up for tourists.

The first monkey we came across happened to be a one eyed monkey

              Left: Two baby monkeys                                                   Right: Salvador Dali monkey, look close at the mustache

The troupe passing us by back towards Ao Nang beach

The monkeys on Ao Nang beach, with a limestone karst in the background

Anderw and a monkey shake hands after coming to an agreement.

They seem to really like coconuts and fight over them continually

Andrew's new monkey friend

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