our story

Maggie and Andrew (who don’t usually talk about themselves in the third person) met at a bar in 2004. Maggie still had a year of college at USC, and when she graduated, what she really wanted to do was travel. Andrew, however, had just started his video game company, and couldn’t travel. Maggie went anyway, and spent about five months traveling solo in Europe and SE Asia. 

A couple years later, Andrew was able to take a little time off, and we spent five weeks traveling around India. Since then, we’ve taken shorter/easier trips (living in San Diego for a month! Honeymoon in Costa Rica!) and just last year, finally moved to another city, which we’d been hoping to do for some time. Seven months in New Orleans later, and we had three options. Move to another city in the US, move back to Albuquerque, or take the plunge we’d been considering for years: travel. 

Through a fortuitous series of events (Andrew was in a place with his company where he didn’t have to be physically present in an office every day, and Maggie’s book had just sold) we realized this was the best time we’d ever have to travel. And that was pretty much that. 


  1. You guys are the coolest people on the planet. And damn good looking too! Love the site!!

  2. I concur. You are beautiful people and I'm mad jealous of your adventures. But it is certainly well deserved. This blog is awesome. Love the list at the side!! GO GO GO!!! <333