Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a day in the life: new orleans

The "Day in the Life" series gives you a glimpse into a typical Andrew-and-Maggie day wherever we are in the world. This time: New Orleans. We lived in NOLA for seven months, so we developed more of a routine than we sometimes do while traveling.

5:15 am: Maggie's alarm goes off for work at the bakery at 5:45.
5:45 am-noon: Maggie works at an adorable and delicious bakery five minutes from our house. Andrew works at home.

noon-ish: Maggie walks home with a loaf of bread under her arm, and a pastry or two in her bag, and we eat lunch. (Don't ask how much weight we gained after months of daily fresh bread and pastries...)

2-6 pm: Andrew works, Maggie works with him and/or writes.
If it's not too hot, one or both of us sit out on our front porch... 

...or Maggie goes down St Charles to our local library to work in the most beautiful reading room ever.

And then it's back to the house...
Top to bottom: Front of the building, the bathroom--which was beautiful, and half the size of the apartment--and the view from the living room into the bedroom, before all our stuff was moved in.

6 pm: We're a little tired of being cooped up in our apartment all day, so we go out and meet some friends for happy hour...

...or maybe we just wander down the road to make our own happy hour at Audobon Park. Public drinking is not only allowed in New Orleans, it's encouraged!

8 pm: Eat some dinner, watch some TV, Maggie does a little more writing, and we get ready to start all over again.

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