Saturday, November 9, 2013

kuala lumpur... you crazy

From Laos we flew to Kuala Lumpur. At first we did this because KL (what everyone calls it) is the hub for Air Asia, which is a cheap airline to get to a lot of places. But once we were there, we were really glad we made it part of the adventure.

First of all, it was our first taste of a really first world city since leaving Stockholm. But besides that it was a very interesting city. It has a large Chinese and Indian population and you can be in certain parts of the city and swear you are in either China or India. We stayed on the busiest street in Chinatown, Petaling, and it was quite crazy.

The street our Guest House was on.

Lots of decorations around.

We also arrived right as the Indian holiday of Diwali was going on. Because of this the night we spent in Little India was quite hopping with people. We had some great Indian food and then drank Chai and watched the people go by.

The main drag of Little India.
Since we were in KL, we had to see the Petronas Towers, which, at one point, were the largest in the world. Since we heard the best thing to do in KL was go shopping, we made a day of walking around to four different malls, the last one being the mall at the foot of their twin towers.

We decide to have dinner in the mall at the feet of the twin towers. While walking around in it, we found a Diwali celebration was going on with Bollywood dancers. So we had to stop and watch to work up our appetite.

Our diner was at a place called Ben's and it was delicious. We had many glasses of wine, a salad with sun-dried tomatoes and lasagna for diner. We left with happy bellies. Outside, the twin towers were lit up, and we braved the pouring rain to get one more picture.

They didn't look as tall as the Sears Tower or Empire State building. Everything is bigger in the US.
Since we were back in a first world city, we decided to treat ourselves to first world luxury. We ordered a Papa John's pizza and watched the Bears beat the Packers on Monday night football streaming on our laptops. It was amazing.


  1. That's awesome that you got to experience KL. I miss it! Enjoy more of your travels!

  2. That's great. What a cool place to have family. I hope you get to visit a lot. :)