Monday, December 16, 2013

final days in beijing

We continued to go out at night and explore Chinese cuisine with Zach and Wenjing. After one dinner we ended up that the hotel bar of the original Communist hotel in Beijing, the very fancy Raffles. All over were pictures of the Communist big-wigs enjoying drinks together. From Mao to Ho Chi Min, we were sitting on hallowed Communist ground.

Wenjing sitting at our table while Zach and Andrew walked around and looked at all the pictures.

What do you order when drinking on hallowed Communist ground? Southern Comfort of course.
During the days in Beijing, we went around and saw more of the city. At one point we ended up at a Walmart (we had to look in Walmart--it was too funny not to) and saw these gems. It just seems un-American to have them in China and not the US.

We also ran across this picture of Chinese Santa Claus.

 We were catching a night train to our next destination, so we had a whole day to kill and decided to take drinks to the Forbidden City and have a look around.

Maggie and Mao, just chillin'.

Now that's a rain gutter.
Before our train we caught a bite to eat of our favorite Chinese street food: a whole Sweet Potato.

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