Wednesday, January 22, 2014

christmas in rome

We purposely left Asia in time to be back in the Western World for the Christmas holidays, and what better place to spend it than the city where it was invented - Rome.


We weren't let down. Rome was done up in its Christmas best. We saw Santa and his Italian Christmas companion, La Befana the Christmas Witch, who on the 6th of January brings all of the bad children of Italy coal.

The streets of Rome were done up in lights and people were out and about everywhere. We walked around and soaked up being back in the Western World.

Since we were in Rome, we decided to go to the Vatican for its midnight Christmas Eve service. But before going out we had to get in the festive spirit... and warm up.

Then it was off to the Vatican in all of its splendor. The service took place inside of Saint Peter's Basilica but since we were rejected by the Vatican when we faxed them for tickets, we had to watch it from Saint Peter's Square outside.

It was very cold and after a half an hour of watching the Pope on the big screen we were ready to go (we had a hour and a half walk home through Rome).

We woke up Christmas morning to find that Santa had taken Maggie's socks right off of her feet to stuff our stockings.

After opening our presents and enjoying the day in our neighborhood of Pigneto, we cooked a Christmas dinner and finished the holiday season on a high note.

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