Wednesday, January 27, 2016

san francisco and florida with the family

We don't just travel internationally--we have some fun trips in the US, too. We were lucky enough to have Maggie's parents take us along for a couple trips recently, which always means a ton of good food (and wine!) and checking out some gorgeous sights we haven't seen.

San Francisco is one of Maggie's parents' favorite cities, and though we've been a few times on our own, this was our first time going with them. We got to eat at some of their favorite restaurants, like pasta and wine at the country's oldest Italian restaurant, Fior d'Italia, some of the best steak we'd ever had at Harris Steakhouse, and mid-morning Irish coffee at the place that supposedly invented it, the Buena Vista. We probably gained at least ten pounds on this trip, but it was worth it!

We saw the sights, from Ghiradelli Square to the Golden Gate Bridge, to Chinatown, to the Palace of Fine Arts. One day, we visited Muir Woods, in Marin--we'd never seen trees that big. And we drove through the areas nearby where homes are tucked into the hillsides like the fanciest hobbit houses you've ever seen.

And of course, we did lots of cable car riding!

Attempting (semi-successfully) to take a 4-person selfie on our first cable car ride of the trip, with San Francisco in the background. 

Literally hugging giant trees in Muir Woods

Dinner (and lots of wine) at the country's oldest Italian restaurant

Cable cars!

Maggie's parents at the Palace of Fine Arts

So much pretty foliage in this city

Look at the size of this tree!

Maggie got lots of DIY ideas...

Adorable baby ducks in the park!

Maggie and Andrew under the Chinatown gate

Gorgeous day to look out over the bay

We also traveled to Florida for a dose of warmth in the winter. That meant more good food, beach time, some amazing views, and a city that was brand new to both of us--Miami.We stayed in Ft. Lauderdale, but spent some time in Miami Beach--and on Miami beaches!

Now we see why so many people retire to Florida. It's a very relaxing place. We spent lots of time reading on the beach, sitting in the hot tub, playing yard games, and eating eating eating. We even took a kayak out one day!
On the hotel room balcony, Maggie discovered her phone's panoramic photo setting.
Beach time!

A very colorful candy store

The hotel had all kinds of games, like this giant chess. 
Can you spot us in the little yellow kayak?

One of the many times we ate too much...
And another time...with bonus gigantic chocolate cake. 

Pre-dinner drinks and snacks ritual in the lovely hotel outdoor area.


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