Thursday, July 11, 2013

a day never wasted in central park

In the morning, Maggie had a breakfast meeting with Agent Claudia, Editor Ari, and Ari's assistant Katherine. (Hi, ladies! I need to remember to take a picture next time!) We talked about the book a little, but mostly we just shared travel horror stories.

After Maggie's meetings we spent the rest of the day in Central Park...

...where we made friends with the locals. The squirrels here are NOT shy. 

And then we went back to Maggie's friend Dahlia's amazing apartment (she let us take over her guest room for two days, in the same place where another writing friend, Marieke, and I stayed this winter (okay, this pic is from January because I sucked at taking pics in NY, but you get the drift):

...and we drank kosher wine and watched (along with all of twitter) a movie that is sure to become a classic:  

(Yes, seriously. Sharks. In a tornado.) And it was awesome. Thanks, Dahl, for hosting us!   


  1. Aw, love these pictures! If only the mention of somebody WAS NOT CONSPICUOUSLY MISSING FROM THE DAY'S ACTIVITIES.

    1. My favorite person, you mean? (Why did we not take any pics??)