Saturday, July 13, 2013

arriveé á paris

Home sweet home for our month or so in gay Paris. We rented an apartment on Craigslist (which could be sketchy, but has turned out really well). It is in the Marais (3rd arrondisment) so gay Paris is meant both figuratively and literally. It's small, but we're used to that, and the stone walls and very dramatic spiral staircase make us wonder if it used to be some 13th century church or something (which, considering the history of this neighborhood, is certainly possible). It has a kitchen, washing machine and floor to ceiling windows, so we consider it perfect, not to mention a fairly comfortable and large bed... c'est parfait!

The kitchen is ingenious for a small space--you can close these doors and not even know it's there. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking our little street.

Maggie bought new shoes, since she didn't feel right walking around Paris in flip-flops only!

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