Sunday, July 14, 2013

joyeux 14 juillet!

In the US we call it Bastille Day, in France they just call it the 14th of July. It's celebrated almost exactly the same and our Independence Day... lots of drinking and fireworks, with the biggest firework show in the country occurring at the Eiffel Tower. 

We heard it would be crowed so we got there hours before the fireworks started and we were glad we did. We could hardly find a patch of grass big enough for the two of us, and people just kept on crowding in. By the time the fireworks went off, the entire grass mall was shoulder to shoulder. We both wanted to use the bathroom but feared if we parted ways (since one of us had to hold our spot), we would never find each other again... so we held it. (Maggie's note: Really, I got up to try to go to the bathroom at dusk, picked my way between people, and finally got about 30 feet away, turned around--and realized I could barely see Andrew in the sea of people already. We were right in the middle of the most crowded section of the park, and we don't have cell phones, and I had visions of staring out over the millions of people and never finding each other again. So I went back, and we decided that from then on, we needed to set a meeting place in huge crowds, just in case we got separated!)

Anyway, the Eiffel Tower was, of course, stunning. We had absolutely perfect seats, and we got to watch the sun set behind it, the lights come on, and finally the fireworks go off, to a soundtrack of opera, classical, French rock, and everything in between. 


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