Tuesday, February 18, 2014

awed by the mezquita

We left Granada and spent a night in a small town (Alcala la Real) between it and our next destination, Cordoba. We rolled into Cordoba to find out that it was the nicest whether they had had in many weeks, and it was Sunday, so half of southern Spain had descended on the town to walk around and go the the markets. Parking was a nightmare. Finally we found a parking spot in a parking structure that was in some early twelve hundreds building (they really know how to re-purpose old buildings in Spain). By happen chance, the parking structure was right across the street from the hotel we had been hoping to stay out (sometimes the parking gods do shine down on you).

Cordoba, like all the cities we had been going to, is an ancient city with lots of narrow streets and huge churches. We explored the city for a bit and ate at one of the better restaurants we had eaten at so far in Spain. Spanish food was good, but not very full of taste, and this restaurant was an exception. After a little talking to the waiter, we found out why: the chef was American - haha.

The next day we headed out to the biggest sight in the town, the Mezquita. Like many things in this part of Spain, it was Moorish built and then once they were kicked out, re-purposed as something Christian. It was a very impressive complex with hundreds of white and red arches stretching in all directions. Then in the middle of the whole thing was a Catholic church. We got in for free because on weekday mornings, there is a time before the morning services where they just open the doors and you can walk right in. Although, get there early, because at 9:30, they send guards around to shoo everyone out.

Outside the Mezquita.

Now that's a door.
Cathedral inside the Mezquita.

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