Tuesday, February 18, 2014

marbella, how i could retire in thee

From Gibraltar, we headed south to Costa del Sol, otherwise known as the Florida of Spain. On a side note, all over Spain we saw these giant bull cutouts dotting the landscape. We have no idea what the purpose is, but they were always nice to see.

From the beginning of the trip, we had wanted to get some sun and surf while in Spain and the Costa del Sol seemed like the place to do it. We headed to the city of Marbella, known as the vacation spot for Russian mobsters and Saudi royalty (a Saudi royal built a replica of the White House here).

We found a nice little B & B only a block away from the beach run by the nicest Spanish girl. The town was oozing with charm and we decided to stay a couple days.

There was a boardwalk, good seafood and beaches, what more could we want. While we were there, we needed a night of down time, so one evening we even decided to stay in the room and have a cheese dinner while watching Yellow Submarine and Princess Bride.

On the beach

Enjoying the Seafood.

Nothing tastes better than beers on the beach at sunset.

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