Tuesday, February 18, 2014

the alhambra: not your ordinary palace

After reluctantly leaving the coast, we headed back north towards Granada. As we approached Granada, we were alarmed by the snowy peaks that stood behind the city. We had seen so many rolling hills that an actual mountain was quite the sight.

We arrived in the middle of the day and tried to look for a hotel on the hill where the Alhambra was - which was quite difficult. At one point we wound our way down a tiny street that dead-ended and Maggie and Andrew's mom went on foot in search of a hotel, leaving Andrew and his dad with the double parked car (but we had a good view of the Alhambra).

We ended up parking in the Alhambra parking lot and from there decided to just go to the Alhambra and leave Granada afterwards.

The Alhambra is a old Moorish Palace that is the most touristed spot in Spain. As we read, the famous decorations inside were only supposed to last as long as the ruler who built them, but luckily for us, they have stood up against the test of time. The whole complex takes up a giant area with gardens, churches and palaces all within the grounds.

Some of the gardens leading to the Palace.

Just your Joe average door in this place.

One of the many beautiful ceilings in this place.

A view of Granada from the Palace.

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