Tuesday, September 10, 2013

an island of our own

One of the things on the adventure list was to be the only people on an island and at our place in Thong Sala there was a perfect opportunity. Just outside of the bay we were staying in was an small island (visible in one of the pictures about our place in Thong Sala) and all along the beach we could rent kayaks. It ended up only being a fifteen minute paddle out to the island which had a amazing secluded bay on it that was perfect for lounging in (and drinking a beer).  We actually felt a little adventurous doing it because to get to the island we had to cross the channel all the ferries took to get to Koh Phangan. So on the way out we were paddling our little hearts out as a ferry barreled down on us, but luckily we got out of its way before it ran over us.

A view back out our bungalow (blue roof on the far right) from the island

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