Tuesday, September 17, 2013


We decided to take the short trip by boat to the beach town of Railay. It is not accessible by road because of the step cliffs that surround it so a boat is the only way to get there. On the boat ride over, Maggie was unfortunate enough to get the seat where all of waves crashed onto the boat - thoroughly soaking her. Luckily for me and our bags, she was a nice wave blocker and we stayed nice and dry.

Even though Maggie fell in love with one of the beaches there, we didn't stay all that long. There was just a vibe to the town that didn't sit well with us. We decided that its inaccessibility lead to stir crazy locals. We had a place with a good view (seems to be an old story now) but it was a tad more rustic than we were feeling up to (and no internet).

What one does when there is no internet

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