Monday, September 30, 2013

pandan, how we love thee

While traveling around Thailand we have run into a new favorite treat of ours - Pandan. It comes in all shapes and sizes and is used much like chocolate in all sorts of sweets. Its taste is hard to describe-- it's not totally sweet. The closest we've come up with is that it tastes like a cross between green tea ice cream and coconut. It's made from a leaf called Pandan, and supposedly is a South East Asian staple.

Little Pandan cakes (think Little Debbie) have been a constant companion of ours when traveling or just hanging around our place. We first purchased them in Thong Sala because we thought it would be funny to try something different and it's been love every since. For Andrew's Birthday, he wanted a Pandan cake and Maggie was able to find him one in Chaing Mai... and it was delicious.

The bunny, squirrel, and deer medallions are a bonus

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