Thursday, October 10, 2013

a dinner of "america, fuck yea"

We had both been getting a little tired of Thai food all the time and were beginning to crave American food (we had been out of the US for 3 months at this point). We decided to take Maggie's parents up on their generous offer to have a meal on them so went searching for a restaurant that took credit card (harder than you might think). What we found was a place run by an American called the Duke's. It was named for John Wayne so we thought, you can''t get much more American than that - just what we were looking for.

It didn't let us down either. Their beer selection wasn't large but Andrew was happy beyond belief when he found out they had Rogue Mocha Porter, one of his favorite dark bears. It was the first dark beer he had drank since Sprecher in Lake Geneva. And Maggie got a little carafe of wine, after pretty much not drinking wine at all the whole time we've been in Thailand. I know--the two of us without dark beer or wine? Perish the thought!

For an appetizer we ordered something we had both been craving: nachos. They were cheesy, covered in salsa, had a layer of beans below them, were sprinkled with jalapenos and had a large dab of sour cream on top- what else could you want?

Another American standard we had been craving was pizza. But not just any pizza, the Hawaiian Barbeque from Papa Johns, which is a fall staple for us on Saturdays during college football season. So for dinner, we simulated it as best we could, and it delivered.

After an entirely wonderful meal we remembered another part of American cuisine we had forgot about... eating yourself sick. American food is just so good and they give you so much of it, it's an inevitability that you are going to do it. We just make too damn good of food not to. (Confession: this was probably three times as much food as we'd eaten in one sitting in months. We had to take half the pizza home, but it made just as delicious of a breakfast the next morning!) (Also, sidenote from Maggie: how weird is it that eating until you feel sick is a good thing in our culture? Very weird. And definitely a cultural difference to here, where we haven't eaten this much in forever! But we couldn't help it this particular night. We truly sat there drinking and eating and saying "YUM. YUUUUMMMM." over and over again.)

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