Tuesday, October 22, 2013

little cats of thailand

I had to call this 'little' cats of Thailand since our previous post was of the large cats of Thailand. As everyone knows, both of us are semi-obsessed with cats. So as we traveled through Thailand, we met and took many pictures of cats. Now that we are leaving the country, we thought it was a good time to show them all.

The first picture we took in Thailand was of a cat who greeted us on Kho San Road. 

In Had Rin we stayed at a place that had many cats and this one was our favorite. We called him Tiny 2 in honor of how much he looked like our cat Tiny (but even smaller). He actually had a brother who was Tiny 3 but he was much less friendly so we didn't get to pet him.

Another one of the friendly cats at our place in Had Rin we called Bitey because he loved getting petted and then when you stopped, he tried to bite you. We learned very quickly not to start petting him... it wouldn't end well.

Once we moved up to Thong Sala we only had one cat who lived at our place but she was a nice one. We called her Ann, after the lady who was staying at the place with us who found her and convinced the lady who owned the place to keep her. While we where there, she ate poison meant for rats and had to be rushed to the hospital... but she came through it nicely and continued to be the sweetest cat in Thailand. She came into our bungalow most nights and "certified" it clear of rats and lizards for us.

This cat lived outside of our place in Ao Nang and was a mean bugger. We never petted him and it was probably for the best. He ruled the area with an iron fist.

In Bangkok there was a whole family of cats who lived in one of the popular ex-pat bars on Soi Rambuttri road, the Gecko. You would get drunk, they would play... a perfect combination.

Walking somewhere in Chiang Mai we ran across this girl walking a cat who was as large as her. We had to take a picture.

I know this next one isn't a cat, but he was the fattest dog we had ever seen. We were eating at a restaurant in Chiang Mai and this was the owner's dog. We knew were all the scraps went. 


  1. Omg, the dog!! I love seeing all the cats (:

  2. We are a little cat obsessed, and YES, that dog was hilarious!

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