Thursday, October 10, 2013

chiang mai street food

One night, we went to the Night Bazaar held on the weekends just outside of the old city of Chiang Mai. There are people there selling a little bit of everything (clothes, jewelry, handicrafts) but we pretty much went for the street food. We realized we hadn't taken many pictures of the street food around Thailand, and since it's pretty much been 80% of our diet here, we thought it was about time it made it into the blog.

Street food in Thailand covers the entire spectrum of Thai food. You got your standards such as Pad Thai (Andrew's favorite), every other imaginable type of noodle thing, spring rolls and noodle soups of many types.

Good ol' Pad Thai. A plate of it on the street costs between $0.75-$2, depending on the city.
The next big staple for street food is what we call "things on sticks." These are many and varied--we cannot say we have come even close to trying 1% of them. They are one of the more popular things at street markets because they are cheap and usually tasty, like the weird fried things of America's State Fairs (i.e. cookie dough, oreos, butter, etc.).

This lady had everything from squid to hotdogs to veggies. We had the kebabs in the upper right--delicious. Lots of the stalls are also vegetarian, and have "vegetarian protein" on sticks, which looks kind of like meat, but is a little scary.

Sometimes instead of sticks, it's on a string.
Tiny fried eggs are also very popular.
Markets are also good culture watching (much like people watching, but broader). You get to see great things like street musicians sitting straight down the center of the walking street, because that's the only space they can find, or like little kids doing karaoke, or like the below sign.

I don't know what they're selling and don't know if I want to.

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