Thursday, October 10, 2013

andrew's birthday dinner

On Andrew's birthday the big things he wanted were particular meals, since he didn't feel he could fit another thing into his bag. For breakfast he had spring rolls and Pad Thai and for lunch he had Indian food. While those were good meals, he was saving the best for diner. Since Maggie isn't the biggest fan of sushi, we don't eat it all that much but for dinner on his Birthday, Andrew wanted a Sushi dinner.

Maggie found a Sushi place that was run by a Japanese guy who spent 10 years working in Chicago so the place was known for good American sushi opposed to Japanese Sushi (if you don't know the difference, just know there is a big one). Since Andrew loves American Sushi, that tickled him pink.

Our carriage to Andrew's feast--a tuk tuk. It's a little motorized golf cart sort of thing.

First round, the Caterpillar Roll

Round two, Windy City Roll

Both of them were delicious and Andrew left quite full and content. On arriving home Maggie offered up the icing on the cake (literally), a Pandan cake. By the end of the day, Andrew felt like he might need to be rolled to bed - possibly the definition of a "good day."

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