Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a night of le ligue: us créteil vs fc metz

One of the things on our Adventure List was go to a European Football match while in Paris. So on Friday night we headed to Creteil, a suburb of Paris to watch the US Creteil Urban Devils take on the FC Metz. We took a subway that deposited us right at the Creteil Stadium, which was very convenient.

 We obviously sat with the home team who had a chant they did the entire game. Actually they had about 10 different chants that one guy in the front would lead them all through, but really he just started a new chant and then they all knew what to do. Some of there were quite complicated with songs and arm gestures. A couple times it almost turned into a mosh-pit and it definitely turned into a mosh-pit anytime they scored.

 The other funny things was that they separated the fans from the other team (Metz) from the Creteil fans. And by separated I mean behind a fence with a few security guards making sure they didn't jump it. The Metz fans had their own set of cheers that they preformed the entire game as well... so it was loud.

I think this guy thought it was the French Revolution

What they did to the Creteil fans after Metz scored

The final score of the game was 3-2 with Creteil winning with their 3rd goal coming in the 87th minute, so it was a very exciting game. The two teams fans also decided to forgo the standard post-game brawl (which was a let down to Andrew) but all in all, it was a good time.

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  1. The football team of Creteil is Union Sportive Creteil-Lusitanos. The Urban Devils are one of the supporter groups (Ultras). I am jealous that I could not be at this match.