Thursday, August 15, 2013

two days in stockholm

We ended up flying out of Stockholm, Sweden to Bangkok because we could get cheaper tickets and it was a good excuse for both of us to go somewhere neither of us had been. We had heard it was expensive... and it was. But beyond the price, Stockholm is a very beautiful city when it comes to the merging of scenery and architecture. We stayed on a hostel boat on the river right next to the old city of Stockholm that was been around since the medieval times and is on a very small island.

Our hostel with a rainbow from the many rainfalls we had while we were there

Andrew taking in the view of the old city of Stockholm from our hostel boat

 We weren't there very long but since everything was so expensive, we spent most of our time just walking around and taking in the sights of the city.

Beer was so expensive that the whole time we were there we only bought one beer... but it had an awesome can so we had to get it.
Yeah, that's weasels dancing, one with a hat on

Even Maggie enjoyed weasel beer

Goodbye, Stockholm!

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