Friday, August 2, 2013

midnight in paris in montmartre

The scene: Evening. Outside at the base of the Sacre Coeur. Grocery store salads, hummus, bread, and wine. Us, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris (on a giant blowup screen, in English with French subtitles), and many thousand Parisians. 

front view

back view--that entire black area is filled with people. thousands of people.

We arrive a little late after a very crowded grocery store trip (though the movie didn't end up starting until half an hour after the scheduled time) and so end up sitting near the front row rather than farther up the hill. It turns out perfectly, because the angle is still very good, we can see one of Paris's most famous landmarks behind us and a panoramic view in front of us, AND we manage to be some of the first people to leave and don't get caught in an hour of foot traffic on the way out. (Especially important because we were renting bikes--from Velib, which we will post on later--and even with as quickly as we got out, there were only a couple left at the station!) As it was, we had perfect seats and were home in our apartment twenty minutes from the time we stood up to leave the movie.

Unexpectedly perfect timing on an unexpectedly perfect evening.

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